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Embroidered Satin & Lace Bride, Bridesmaid, Bridal Robe


Shop for the perfect lace bride robe at Wedding Prep Gals. A special lace bridal robe helps the bride to relax before and after a busy day. Every wedding day is an event filled with enchanting moments, and these stylish robes will help you cherish the memory.

Every bride deserves to wear a lace bride robe on her honeymoon. Sheer, white and cosmopolitan, the trend today is to wear a lace bridal robe on the wedding day. Plus, every $75 order is shipped in the United States for free.

Select the perfect size with the help of the convenient size chart located on our Robe Sizes page. Also to help choose the right size for your lace bride robe, you can get free assistance from a sizing professional through our chat box in the bottom right. In addition, you can embroider the wedding date of your robe to create a lasting souvenirs for your future.

Embroidery on Front Left Chest, Back Middle or Both

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Satin and Lace Bride Robe.

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